“The Big Guy” Joe Biden Started Covering His Tracks in November 2016

“The Big Guy” Joe Biden Started Covering His Tracks in November 2016

It’s tough to envision Joe Biden as some sort of criminal mastermind today. He got confused during an interview this past week and thought he was running against George W. Bush. He’s a doddering old fool that needs help opening up a Jell-O Pudding cup on his best days. But just a few years ago, “The Big Guy” was running a global influence peddling ring and selling out American foreign policy to the highest foreign bidders – while lining his own pockets. This isn’t speculation or “Russian disinformation.” Audio of The Big Guy himself has now been uncovered on Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.”

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, it sent shockwaves through the corrupt elites who had been lining their pockets for years. Joe Biden still had most of his faculties back then, so he was one of those who was especially shocked. So shocked, in fact, that he placed a personal phone call to the former corrupt president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, just two weeks after Donald Trump’s victory. Keep in mind that Biden was still the Vice President of the United States at the time.

How do we know about this phone call? Because the audio from Biden’s call to Poroshenko was on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell. Hunter’s laptop had tons of emails, text messages and audio from phone calls from the entire Biden family on it for some reason. My suspicion is that the Chinese put some sophisticated software on Hunter’s laptop to suck up all the Biden crime family’s communications, after they trapped him in a honeypot scheme with that Chinese prostitute who “put her best foot forward.”

One America News, which has had a copy of Hunter’s hard drive for the past two weeks, discovered the phone call and released it. Here’s what Joe Biden said to President Poroshenko just two weeks after Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory:

“This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he’s about to buy on to a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looking to pour more money into Ukraine. That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail.”

Translation: “The Big Guy” Joe Biden was ordering the president of a foreign country to get his financial ducks in a row as quickly as possible. Biden was telling Poroshenko to get everything lined up with the IMF and finalize getting a central banking system installed in Ukraine. (Ukraine was a financial mess after George Soros and the CIA under Obama staged the coup there that installed Poroshenko in the first place.)

If Poroshenko could get his nation’s financial house in order, Ukraine would be able to presumably take out loans from the IMF, rather than asking the US government under the Trump administration for foreign aid. The last thing Joe Biden wanted was for the Donald Trump administration to start asking questions in Ukraine. It would be better for the Biden family if Ukraine got its central banking system up and running to prevent Trump from ever asking those pesky questions. Joe Biden was covering his tracks while he still had power to do so.

But then Poroshenko lost his election. The new president of Ukraine did ask the Trump administration for foreign aid. And in July of 2019, Donald Trump asked that president questions about rumors of corruption involving the Biden family in Ukraine.

The Democrats never tried to impeach Donald Trump over “Russian collusion.” Even Nancy Pelosi was saying, as recently as July of 2019, that impeaching Trump would be a bad idea. But the moment that Trump asked about the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s allies hit the panic button.

Remember: Hunter Biden’s sometime-business-partner in Ukraine was the son of John Kerry. Mitt Romney’s former top campaign aide sat on the board of Burisma in Ukraine with Hunter Biden (Romney was the one Republican Senator who voted to impeach Donald Trump). Nancy Pelosi’s son was on the board of a California-based energy company that he founded with two Russian nationals, and that company had some murky ties to Ukraine as well.

The fake CIA impeachment “whistleblower,” whose name must never be mentioned, was an honored guest at a ritzy state dinner that Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry held in 2016. Did the Biden family, the Kerry family, the Pelosi family or the Romney family call in a favor from that guy to “whistle-blow” on Trump when the big panic started? That would be an interesting question to know the answer to.

What we do know is that Joe Biden worked to cover his tracks in Ukraine, from the moment when Donald Trump was first elected. When Trump asked a question about the Bidens in Ukraine three years later, he was impeached for it.

Sure, Joe Biden looks like a doddering buffoon with dementia today – because that is what he is. But just a few years ago, he was “The Big Guy” in charge of one of the largest pay-to-play schemes in modern history. And everyone should know that before they cast their vote in the election.

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  1. Larry Rigsbeesays:S.o.b.needs to be in prison and his son along with the rest of them .the women in that bunch need to go toREPLY
    1. Lindasays:Absolutely! Not running our country. Him and his family need to be locked up for a very long long timeREPLY
      1. Larry pittmansays:I am appalled that they let Biden get away with this and not be prosecuted .he’s a traitor to the United States he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law him and his familyREPLY
        1. Darlenesays:Take Obama, Clinton’s and schumer,Waterman, Harris, Sanders…
          A lot of the Dems are traders.
          They are so deceived, they actually believe the lies they tell.
          Look at their faces… What do you really see???REPLY
          1. Karole Conawaysays:Darlene, I see pure EVIL!
        2. charles vaughnsays:My comment to Larry is I AGREE.REPLY
      2. dexter floydsays:Our GREAT PRESIDENT stated once again that as long as he is in office,that the USA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST NATION !Promises made, promises kept.Trump 2020!!!!!REPLY
    2. Ken scalfsays:So right!,and Pelosi,The Clintons,The Obama’s, Chuck Schumer and a whole lot more need prison time for life for treason!REPLY
      1. Cathy Floydsays:They are all parts of the leftist crime mafia who have been working hard to destroy our country for years. They have been selling out America and all Americans to make themselves richer every day. With Trump working to drain the swamp, they all panicked, it is no wonder that they hate him so much, he is exposing their corruption!REPLY
        1. John Andrew Robbsays:First time on this Site, comments are great. I have a Plan to put the Bible and Creation back in EDUCATION. CreatorisLiberty com and book “America Come Back”. Volunteer Groups in every County, learn facts of Creation, fraud of Evolution and attend every School Board Meeting demanding the Bible and Creation be put back in School. See, CreatorisLiberty com Blog page for great assembly of Quotes of America’s Founders. Trumps “1776 Project” and Franklin Graham’s “Prayer March 2020” will combine to put the Bible and Creation back in School. 80 % of America’s Children are being Indoctrinated that our Creator does not exist and the Bible is a Fairy Tale. Our Creator hates this and he will lead us to Rescue America. They cannot not do this alone the Righteous must Rise up and take America Back.REPLY
          1. Pete Van Zylsays:You go boy with Gods Blessings and the prayers of billions of Redeemed Christians around the world!
        2. Will Bennettsays:You hit the nail right on the head! Couldn’t have said it better myself!REPLY
        3. Darylsays:Too bad so many people have already voted.REPLY
      2. pilot85says:You are RIGHT ON KenREPLY
      3. Wyatt Earpsays:I prefer executed by FIRING SQUAD! To shut them down for life!REPLY
        1. Mitchsays:I second that motion, no need to feed and house for life! They chose to be THIEVES, LIARS, and TRAITORS!
          One bullet each, DONE!No more CORRUPTION, once WE start holding these MORANS Accountable!REPLY
        2. Penny Prindlesays:Or a public hanging on the grounds of the White House. They deserve to be hung with all watching what happens to those who are treasonous to America and it’s people. I am a Democrat sick of seeing what these traitors are doing to our great America and it’s citizens.REPLY
      4. Anthony Manzosays:Anthony Manzo
        How about an all paid vacation at GITMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REPLY
      5. Jansays:And I’ll BET there are more – Many More people involved So Trump and Pence for Four More Years & Thanks!REPLY
      6. constancesays:oh yes for sure they are a rat pack of criminals and to use president trumps words echoed by his followers :lock em up :REPLY
      7. Steffsays:They all need to be indicted, tried, and executed for treason…….No Mercy!REPLY
        1. Martin Shawsays:This must become a reality.REPLY
      8. Roy Brent Williamssays:No more articles…stories…I want to see executions and arrests!REPLY
        1. Michael Abalossays:Its time to March in and grab them by their ankles and drag them out to the streets of Washington DC. This is our country its time to take it back.REPLY
      9. Charlessays:Guantánamo I hear they have some openingsREPLY
      10. Beverlysays:Yep, but u forgot Adam Schiff who knows all of this & required money from all of them too! He is an attorney, ya know they have to make their money, even if the client is their own Mother!! Mitt Romney didn’t do his work for free either!!
        He didn’t jump jump the rope because he dislikes Trump!! I wonder how he got all his money to run for President??? Now, he went to Utah to take more money from the Mormons as if he is all soo interested in the Mormon Religion!! The Mormons do not believe in “Lying” either, but yet he lies to get their support, votes & monetary funds!! He’s just as big of a hypocrite as
        Hillary & Bill Clinton, The Bush’s, plural, the Obamas, the Pelosi’s, plural, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters & her husband, raping the people in her district of
        Illinois of dollars! It soo widespread with these Democrats & it got real bad with the Clinton Administration, even though it was really getting healthy with the start of the Geo. Herbert Bush Administration and like Father like Son!REPLY
        1. Beverlysays:Raping the people of millions of dollars…auto spell??REPLY
    3. Billsays:This is all great, but when are they going to show the American people this corrupt news. They need to publish this on the local networks and the news papers and spend the money to do so or this is a waste of time.REPLY
      1. Paulsays:Sadly, the big problem is the current “lack of interest” and because it’s “Russian disinformation,” the lame-stream media refuses to expose the Bidens, et al.REPLY
        1. jan923says:It’s not Russian disinformation. The bidens and lame stream Fake News media know it very well. The Biden Family is Corrupt as the day is long…and the evidence here. MSM is blocking all the biden news along with twitter and facebook. In their stupidity they think it won’t get out…WRONG!………Google is getting completely blown up from people wanting to know if they can change their early vote for corrupto-crook perv…biden… It’s a Historic Landslide Victory for TRUMP/PENCE 2020….. and should be Jail for the bidens. MSM, facebook and twitter should be sued into complete submission for their outragous bias. We need Bias Law Legislation in this country without a doubt.REPLY
          1. Colin Kovacssays:By blocking the informstion from scrutiny, they are accessories after the fact and should be charged for it
            I would also include a charge of hampering an investigation.
          2. Lindasays:Yeah, but are the early voters going to be “legally allowed” to change their votes? Probably not, if any Dems are in a position to keep it from happening (state & local governments?). That’s what’s always been wrong with early voting. This China virus has screwed up our whole country & don’t think for a moment that it wasn’t what China intended!
        2. Katesays:It is about time to have some prosecutions. These people have been destroying our Country long enough. It is time to put them in jail. The news media should be held accountable for their part in covering all this up. They should be in jail for being accessories. This might sound extreme, but they are playing a big part in this. America needs to see some justice. We have paid for these politicians to get rich off our backs. Enough!!!!REPLY
        3. Sandysays:Oh, it goes much deeper than that. If the international human trafficking (including killings) ever gets exposed, the average citizen of all nations will be out for blood – against their so called leaders.REPLY
      2. Peggy Loysays:You certainly have that correctly. All the talk between us means nothing if we do not pay the price to get it out. This answer is from Peggy LoyREPLY
    4. mariasays:absolutelyREPLY
    5. Dogsays:If any of this is true, where are the indictments? Where are the prosecutions? We have been hearing this crap for a number of years and nothing happens. Now we have a main character in a race for the WH and nothing has happened. Leads me to believe that none of this is true!REPLY
      1. AzBlondsays:Or there is deeper corruption in the FBI, CIA and the DOJREPLY
      2. James Gillissays:wake up they are all dirty starting with the clintons obamas bidens and so forth isnt it funny all that have the goods on them mesteriously die vince foster epstein for clintons the lady who had obamas birth certificate died in a plane crash if i were bobelinski i would watch out these people are killers that will go to no means they are all afraid trump will have them prosecuted by atty general barr thats why they want to get rid of him so bad he exposes them he needs to get reelected to clean the swamp first order of business if so sb to get rid of all obamas leftovers in the doj fbi cia and so fprthobamasREPLY
        1. Gary msays:If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.REPLY
        2. Roberta Fostersays:I just can’t understand how people can be so gullabie to let the dems take over this country. We are free–why would anyone give that up?? IF THESE IDIOTS GET IN OFFICE WE CAN KISS IT ALL GOODBYE. HITLER promised people it would be a good life just look what happened there. Same story just a different country. If these radicals get control then it will be a real good life for them but you will have no say over yours. And we won’t be the United Stares of America— we will be a suburb of the communist China regime.n One day you will look back and think about how it used to be. Maybe then you will think that President Trump wasn’t so bad after all. And then you will realize just who was really lying. BY THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE ANOTHER LEADER.REPLY
      3. Maysays:You do not read the announcement from FBI director confirmed the laptop informations are real and true ! Even the ex partner of Hunter gave all three cel phones to FBI .REPLY
    6. Donald Heinkesays:If our justice department is as crooked as the Bidens, nothing will be done!! So far our FBI and attorney general have set on this way to long!!REPLY
    7. Jose Luissays:I found out that I have the highest level of Democrat deranged syndrome! Put them in prison in Ukraine!!!! Why do we have to pay for their crimes here?REPLY
    8. Judesays:I definitely agree, prison for many democratsREPLY
    9. Gary msays:This shows you how bad Biden really is, he setup his own son to take the fall, if things fell apart. I can hear Hunter calling daddy help me. He hasn’t figured out that it was his daddy that set him up. Joe had all of the money put in Hunter’s businesses, then laundered through the banks, that is how he got his 10%.
      I hate to ask this, but I think that someone will sooner or later, after forty some years, just how much does Jill know about the family businesses. Sorry…………. just had to ask.REPLY
    10. ANI4ANIsays:What do U mean TOO? In 6 months Beijing Biden will believe himself 2b either the reincarnation of Lincoln or the albino brother of MLK,, there’s nothing left but hot air in that cranium. The women R the driving factors SATRAPS) behind these BOZO’S. Jill is holding BB up while Nancy/ “D” / AOC & the SKANK SQUAD/Fauxcahontas/ prep Kamy & pull the puppets strings. Nancy’s son involved? Her nephew is dictator 4 life of CA, . “D ” & her red Chinese driver/The CZARINA of the Michiganders her :IMPERIAL MAJESTY” GRETCHEN THE GREAT. Remember the old saying “deadlier than the male”. Who do U really think is the power behind the PUPPET THRONE?REPLY
    11. Michela Housersays:Joe Biden is FAKING dementia so he won’t be prosecuted for his treason. He’s a pathological liar and a con man. This is just another one of his schemes. Treason is punishable by death. He and the #BidenCrimeFamily must pay for their treasonous acts and so should HRC, Obama, Brennan, and the whole Mueller gang.REPLY
    12. Micalasays:AGREED 100%! Jail those two snakes!REPLY
    13. York Oxendeepsays:…wait a second….you mean to tell me that “the big guy” was referring to Joe? Shoot, this whole time, I thought it was Michelle Obama ‍♀️REPLY
  2. BWHsays:Hopefully enough citizens will vote GOP to counter all the illegals and dead people that will have votes cast in their name. “Unverified” (as the left has said about any voter fraud) is another way of saying “we haven’t investigated and we aren’t going to investigate”. If you don’t look for it chances are you aren’t going to find it.REPLY
    1. Dianesays:The media should be held accountable also for there participation in covering up and with holding these crimes that were committed by the Obama & Biden administration. Their just as guilty and should be punished.REPLY
      1. Gary msays:The fake news will not be happy with a soci@list government. Under a soci@list government there will be only one news agency, owned and controlled by the soci@list government. They will not need all of the reporters, editors, journalists, hosts, or commentators. They will love being sl@ves just like the rest of us. They will be proud of what they have done.
        You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the gov can take all of their money and they will be sl@ves too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.REPLY
    2. jan923says:The reason the corrupto-crats want so badly to delay the election results is to buy time so they can figure out just how many dead people, dogs ,and rats need to vote to steal the election. Everyone’s eyes are upon them. They can never pull it off. It will be a Mountain far too large to scale… Corrupto-crats will FAIL AGAIN !REPLY
    3. Beverlysays:I agree,
      We are Americans. This shouldn’t be happening in this country. Where’s the respect.
      If this was me I’d already be under the jail.
      And if anyone votes for Biden your a #%@!!!
      Do you realize its going to be 4 women running othis country and not Biden.
      Think about it and wake up!
      And by the way did the Obama administration help you?REPLY
    4. Jose Luissays:Congress must pass a law to vote using the fingerprint as the most secure identification when casting a vote. That will drive the democrats crazy!REPLY
      1. Marsha Smithsays:Jose Luis, what an excell. ent idea: FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION IN ORDER TO VOTE !!
        Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
        Gotta tell my U. S. Senator.!!
        Good job, JOSE !!!REPLY
  3. Karen Warrensays:The democrats are in it up to their eyeballs. I pray that there is a Republican landslide like this country has never seen. Biden, Pelosi, John Kerry. Mitt Romney, Hillary and Hunter all need to go to prison for Treason.REPLY
    1. Stephen Kearsays:Bang on, Karen. We can all agree.REPLY
    2. John Peltiersays:We’re off to see the Warden, the wonderful warden of OZ…WE ‘CAN ONLY HOPE JUSTICE IS FINALLY SERVED.REPLY
      1. Lois Gahmsays:I believe it is alreadyREPLY
        1. Lois Gahmsays:If we are hearing or seeing this then so is Trump. He won’t stand for this. Remember he’s cleaning the swampREPLY
    3. Cathy L Floydsays:Include the Obamas and the Clintons, they are as dirty as they come!REPLY
    4. Maysays:This is very difficult to drain the swamp,they all are in the politics for so long ,they all have connection ,the law need to establish to set term limits so this way no one can plant the root this is only the way to get rid of the corruption.REPLY
  4. Mark G Hammondsays:If Biden may becomes President, this will all be swept under the table. If not, then Kamal Harris will become President and the nightmare will get worse. I hope Americans are smarter than to elect a corrupt Biden.REPLY
    1. Brendasays:NOT DEMOCRATS HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED FOR ANYTHING IT LIKE THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW IF THAT WAS A Republican not doubt they would be put in prison but they will SWEEP it under the rug and NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT BUT THEY WILL STILL Accusing Trump of doing everything please make the Democrats I Accountable For what they have done to our countryREPLY
    2. Evelyn Eckhardtsays:Unfortunate that so many people voted before all of this corruption hit the voting public. If it is too late, we and this country are doomed.REPLY
  5. RICHARD WHITEsays:They definitely need to be indicted and tried, but does my Republican Party have the balls to try ? I’m not sure.REPLY
  6. HHsays:It just shows the bias in the media. Either that or they’re just plain stupid.REPLY
    1. Timsays:problem with the media is money talks and they are all getting paid to keep quiet.REPLY
  7. Fredsays:Should be publicly executed for treasonREPLY
  8. Bettiesays:Draw up Treason charges against them without delay.REPLY
  9. Sonjasays:I often wondered if Mitt Romney was involved in all this mess. Everyone involved needs to face a court of law and pay the penalty for what not only for what they have done illegally, but also for selling out our country, wasting tax payer dollars on a hoax to cover their lies, and for smearing our President Trump. And their total ignorance, using the same lies, are still doing the same thing. You would think by now they would learn to shut up with the lies. Obama knew about all this too, he’s just as guilty. They’re all guilty of treason!REPLY
  10. A Seekersays:Very SAD and, Most Disappointing! How could those people be able to call themselves Americans? GOD! COUNTRY! FAMILY! Theuy forgot the Frist the TWO!
    “For the People, of the PEOPLE an BY the PEOPLE! ” They forgot that they were not in CHARGE, but the HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE who LOVE THIS COUNTRY are! The energy of OUR LOVE for our Country Protects our Beloved COUNTRY! Thus, those SEFL CENTERED greedy for CASH, POWER and the FLESH LOST! God never fails to protect those who Love HIM and TRUST in HIM! Daily we pray for our Country and our President!
    God bless America! & our President!REPLY
    1. Talll Tsays:They need to freeze all involved assets as I am sure will add up to billions. Pay it back to the tax payers. All involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. May they rottt in jail!!REPLY
  12. Yazdisays:I hope that President Trump wins with a landslide.
    Then he needs to investigate the Biden corruption to its full extent, and jail all those responsible.
    These crooks are getting rich on hardworking American tax payers.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.REPLY
  13. southern mansays:The Biden Family s crime spree probably coes beyond PAY to PLAY and money laundering and also includes CONSPIRACY with the CCP MILITARY INTELLEGENCE for the sum of some 90million dollars over 5 years.Hunter may be Joes FALL GUY!REPLY
  14. Vsays:We must seek the Lord repent, confess and give back our country to Him. That His rule be over our country and our people. That we may do the proper and righteous move to get our country back.
    Soros must be on the list mentioned in the article as he likes spending foolishly, providing for antifa & blm riots with what the Lord has given him. Yes, the Lord has given him his wealth but I know God has a plan. That old man has no direction. Evil incarnate. He needs to repent and ask God for forgiveness as he is too close to the end of his life. I know he has 2 sons that are just like him running his organization with the same ideology.REPLY
  15. JDsays:YES,YES TO TREASON !!! I, for one, do not take lightly Sleepy Joe’s comment about a “dark winter”. I believe that comment was made right before or after he slipped about shutting down oil. Therfore it could very well be that remark was also a slip of the tongue. My opinion is that HE knows that the Democrats have a scheme (mail, dead people voting, using Ihan’s trick of buying votes, Soros, etc.) to assist illegally for Sleepy’s win and that is what he meant by a “dark winter”. Just saying…REPLY
  16. Din Juansays:This story was very interesting. I have to admit there was a lot of conjecture and what ifs in it, but when you see and hear about the corruption happening with the Democrats and the Biden’s, the story seems more factual than not. The bottom line here is this: The Biden Family is a corrupt group of individuals and most of the Democrat Party were in on it. The MSM were in on it . Many rich billionaires were in on it. China was in on it and yes, the Russians were in on it. The only people who were not in on it were the law abiding American people. They were all lied to and deceived every step of the way. The corruption goes deep with this thing, folks. I hope and pray to God that these miscreant liars and deceivers get there just desserts in the end. A good way to start would be to vote everyone of these scumbag, scuzzbucket, sleaze ball Democrat out of office and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. If I had the power, I would bring back the firing squad.REPLY
    1. Lindasays:AMEN
      Trump 2020REPLY
  17. Peggysays:I agree with every post here,they were all involved or at the very least had knowledge of what was going on and should all be imprisoned and all should loose everything just like they did to general flynnREPLY
  18. Jim1937says:Vote for Joe and get AOC for Energy Secretary, Fauxchihauntus for Treasury Secretary, Bernie for Secretary of Interior and Zero O’Dork for Secretary of Gun Grabbing. Then we can all sing: Turn out the lights, the party’s over!REPLY
  19. brucesays:The plot thickens….VOTE THEM OUT! Spread the word across social media. The can’t stop us all.
    As the Bible says, “Look, more are with us than against us”REPLY
  20. Natesays:Guilty or not? Do you think any “JUSTICE” will come from all We know? We have a 2-teired justice system and 2 totally separate verdicts for the same crimes committed! The facts may be recognized but Democrats spend NO time in the slammer!REPLY
  21. janice Aldersonsays:By the grace of GOD these people well go down.REPLY
    1. Grandmasays:Don’t forget crooked HILlARYREPLY
      1. ANI4ANIsays:Thanks 4 waking me up Grandma. I 4got the Cleopatra of the USA. PLZ 4give my omission of that HORRIBLE FEMME FATALE in my last comment. I think my memory blocks her out because she may cause irreparable damage 2 my poor brain.REPLY
  22. Andy Palmersays:There is not one justifiable reason to vote for Joe Biden – not one. The man is a despicable, degenerate, corrupt, career politician who made millions while in public service. And yet millions of morons will vote for this vile human being. It’s a national disgrace.REPLY
  23. Marcia Sternliebsays:What happened to unbiased reporting? It’s a outrage that we can’t get honest reporting.REPLY
  24. Jonsays:Lol there is no way the Democratics will win this election we the people have had enough of their lies racism and hatred for this country. We will put our faith in God his son and Holy Ghost. And please pass the ammunitionREPLY
  25. Rosssays:I pray that Trump is reelected by a landslide.
    The saddest part of all of this is the non believers
    who choose to put their hatred of Trump ahead of
    the well being of their country. Note I say well being..because these people have no love for our
    country love President Trump for what he has tried
    to do for our country but if the proof had come out implicating him as it has Biden I would have
    run to distance myself from him.
    When you ask these liberals why they hate him they have NO ANSWERS. Most younger voters
    have been indoctrinated and fed years of liberal
    rhetoric instead of receiving an education. The
    children today have parents who don’t teach them
    right from wrong..or consequences.
    The lies about Trump run rampant.
    He isn’t against immigration..only illegal immigration. He is against Sanctuary cities..
    He is for Voter ID..he supports our first ammendment rights..our right to protect
    ourselves thru the second ammendment..
    Pro life..and I believe more so than anything
    the requirement that you get out and work
    for a living.
    Joe Biden was never intended to be your President
    Soros and Obama are the puppetmasters and
    Joe Biden the puppet..the TROJAN HORSE needed
    to sneak her in the back door..she received less
    than 10% of the votes when she campaigned for
    office.. Soros is the most dangerous person in
    this country..filthy rich and hatred for America.
    He has PURCHASED prosecutors throughout our
    country to do his bidding..and they in turn have
    refused to uphold the law.. He needs to be
    charged and deported from this country after
    they seize his assets. Obama needs to be
    prosecuted to the fullest for the treasonous
    acts of his administration.
    The media needs to be made to report facts and
    not withhold information..Another problem
    caused by Soros..Teachers need to be held accountable and the unions brought to justice.
    Children need to be taught skills..not liberal
    1. John Andrew Robbsays:First time on this Site, comments are great. I have a Plan to put the Bible and Creation back in EDUCATION. CreatorisLiberty com and book “America Come Back”. Volunteer Groups in every County, learn facts of Creation, fraud of Evolution and attend every School Board Meeting demanding the Bible and Creation be put back in School. See, CreatorisLiberty com Blog page for great assembly of Quotes of America’s Founders. Trumps “1776 Project” and Franklin Graham’s “Prayer March 2020” will combine to put the Bible and Creation back in School. 80 % of America’s Children are being Indoctrinated that our Creator does not exist and the Bible is a Fairy Tale. Our Creator hates this and he will lead us to Rescue America. They cannot not do this alone the Righteous must Rise up and take America Back.REPLY
    2. Debra Goldstein-Lustigsays:Totally agreeREPLY
    3. Keith J Dombachsays:Couldn’t agree with you more, they all need to be voted out of office and those who are holding office should be behind bars as well. I’m tired of all these “FAT CATS” thinking that they are better than the rest of us. This has gone on long enough and it’s time to clean this up. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!REPLY
  26. Carolsays:He should not be allowed to run for President. Him. Pelosi and Kerry should all be in prisonREPLY
    1. Vladsays:Hell…… the biggest “crime family” in America is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!! The Italian mobs in the big cities don’t hold a candle to Obama and all of his ilk.
      At this juncture, they should not even be an election. “We the people” should shut it down, storm into the halls of Congress locked and loaded, and put the whole Democratic Party out on their asses. That’s how it’s gonna have to happen, I’m a registered Republican, but I can’t wait on the Republicans because they don’t have any testicular fortitude whatsoever to remotely pull this feat off. I feel that if they did, it would’ve already been a done deal. The Democrats are evil connivers, and it’s more than obvious what they’re doing. And now they’re going to try and steal this joke of an election?!! If our President “loses” this thing……. WE……………….., need to be the rescuers of our country. Seriously …. who else is going to rise up and take the EVIL DEMS down??!!!! Just heard that Comrade Biden is up by 8 percentage points overall, lying MSM….. and there’s another institution that needs a royal spanking. 8 points!! Bullshit. The Democratic media is as guilty as the party they work for.
      I understand that there is plenty of jail room out in California, as governor Newsom has been releasing thousands of hardened criminals because he’s afraid they’re going to catch Covid. What a guy. What a world!REPLY
  27. gmsays:dr15oct20
    Here’s a known fact, sleepy Joe () Biden of 47 years in govt., is the founder and creator of the Swamp Creatures, as the nemesis of justice shall prevail upon these liars n cheaters and his cohorts the democrats, some republicans, Obama judges, MSM(msmafia) etc. This nest is huge and will unravel all those involved in the government. WHAT IS A.G.BARR DOING ABOUT THIS CRIME, HE’S RUNNING AROUND MAKING ARRESTS NOT RELATED TO THE MAIN CRIME SCENE OF UKRAIN/RUSSIA, WHICH HE TOTALLY IGNORES FOR AFTER THE 03NOV. The democrats/cohorts have induced so much fear by intimidation and, their gimmicks they shower on those who do not surrender to their Political Evil and bully tactics are threatened after 03nov is what they can expect if dems. win by hook or by crow. To this I inject a change in the Top Military Command and DOD, who should work at the pleasure of the President CIC of the Armed forces with the mandate of the people and not otherwise, and not some nitwit statements made by thieving democrats who do not practice what they preach but accuse PTrump for all their immoral and unethical behavior as reported daily by few honest news media. Democrats have the qualities and characteristics of criminals; they can sugar-coat their words to you, into believing all they will tell you, that they will do for you and never will, if elected.REPLY
  28. TLBsays:Why are Republicans so afraid to prosecute any of these criminal Democrats (Biden, Hillary, etc)? What’s stopping them? Where’s Trey Gowdy?? I’d like to see him, Ted Cruz and Graham nail those bastards and soon. Also, I HOPE Trump when he wins FIRES top leaders in the FBI for their negligence.REPLY
  29. Marlenesays:Pelosi’s son has business dealings with communist China. I wonder how many others in public office have family, friends, and themselves in such deals. China will blackmail these people fast.REPLY
  30. Debra Goldstein-Lustigsays:Hunter Biden and his corrupt family, that being Joe Biden need to be help accountable for all their involvement in China, Russia and Ukraine deals that put our country at risk. Pelosi also needs to be thrown out of office. Apologies are in order for Pres Trump, & the fake impeachment removed from his record. All the illegal players have been named on the laptop from hell. That’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI should do a better job of investigating these criminals and all of them, including crooked Hillary should be prosecuted and convicted.REPLY
  31. Paul M.says:Do we the born and raised American people continually refuse to reflect on God’s Commandments, Thou shall NOT KILL, yet how many ABORTIONS have occurred prior to as well as after the non-Constitutional Roe vs Wade became law? We are seeing first hand on a daily basis God’s Word REPROBATE being put into action in our country! Please begin to READ God’s Word-The Bible
    KJV. Mathew 24-25-Luke 21-Mark13. It’s Time for Truthful Repentance to God for our personal Sins we have committed against God & Truly begin a personal relationship with THE One & Only JESUS CHRIST.
    Heavenly Father, Please Protect Our President & if it be Your Will May Our President be Re-Elected a second term. Please have mercy on all of us for our sinful life’s that we live due to our sin nature in which We inherited from Adam, Read Genesis & call on Jesus Christ for Forgiveness of ALL our Sins!
    Jesus is Coming!REPLY
  32. Charles Keenesays:I think it will get to the point that the news people will be afraid to walk down a street.REPLY
  33. DCsays:What is absolutely astonishing is that ANY TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN WHO CARES, TRULY CARES ABOUT OUR COUNTRY, OUR CITIZENS- ALL CITIZENS REGARDLESS OF RACE, RELIGION, or ECONOMIC STATURE, REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICAL AFFILIATION, that at this point, after all we know, that ANYONE COULD BELIEVE THERE IS ANY DISCUSSION ON WHO OUR PRESIDENT SHOULD BE… if you truly, sincerely and honestly make your decisions based on PROVEN FACTS, THE UNDENIABLE TRUTH, and you really give a damn about our country, and it’s future and for your children’s and grandchildren’s future… there is only ONE CHOICE and that CHOICE IS TO RE-ELECT THE BEST PRESIDENT OUR GREAT NATION HAS BEEN FORTUNATE TO HAVE LEAD US THESE LAST FOUR YEARS, a PRESIDENT that has been forced to endure more crap from the opposing party than ever in our history- unfairly charged with one bogus, fabricated, made up, in some instances illegally, from the Russia collusion hoax, the fabricated made up quid pro quo, that we all know was a COVERUP for the REAL -UNDENIABLE- THEN VP BIDEN QUID PRO QUO when he threatened to withhold a Billion Dollars in aid from Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating corruption in a company called Burisma that just happened to have his son Hunter working on their board and being paid roughly $83,000 per month, with zero experience and zero knowledge of the business… Joe while addressing a small group and panel laughs when he says- “I said I’m leaving here in six hours and if you don’t fire the Prosecutor you ain’t getting the Billion Dollars… well SON OF A BITCH.. THEY FIRED THE PROSECUTOR! Let’s not forget during the impeachment proceedings the democrats leader- COMPULSIVE LIAR SCHIFF, CHANGED THE WORDS OF THE PHONE CALL TRANSCRIPT BETWEEN PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE UKRAINE PRESIDENT AND THEN READ HIS VERSION TO CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… HE BLATANTLY LIED TO EVERYONE-with zero accountability and zero consequences. PLEASE – PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND THINK… really think, do some research and check all the things President Trump has done- most of which you may not be aware of due to our corrupted media that has become the mouthpiece for spreading ONLY INFORMATION THAT SUPPORTS THE DEMOCRAT NARRATIVE- even if that information is bogus, completely fabricated, and with no regard to the damage it will do or has done to America and Americans… if you have NOT YET VOTED… take a moment and GO ON LINE AND READ AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY PERONNEAU VANDEHEY IN THE FRANK REPORT TITLED: The 125 ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF PRESIDENT TRUMP…. ONCE YOU READ THIS… you will be first OUTRAGED… and second.. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT AS TO WHO YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR: PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL REBUILD AMERICA EVEN BETTER THAN HE DID THE FIRST TIME… and let’s please NOT FORGET ONE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THING- the democrats were quick to first jump all over the President when he SHUT DOWN TRAVEL WITH CHINA A FEW DAYS AFTER THE FIRST CONFIRMED CORONAVIRUS CASE IN THE USA IN LATE JANUARY… calling him XENOPHOBIC, RACIST, ALARMIST, and FEAR MONGER… then in MARCH WE SAW PELOSI ENCOURAGING TOURISTS AND RESIDENTS TO COME OUT TO CELEBRATE AND HAVE FUN IN CHINATOWN… we witnessed the same thing when NYC MAYOR de Blasio invited people to come to the city.. the city that was eventually ground zero for the virus… going so far as to say he would provide maps of the restaurants to eat in and the plays to see on Broadway… later the Democrats blamed the President for not doing enough… yet even though cities with the most trouble were democrat, President Trump had numerous hospitals built in NYC and had a medial ship with a thousand beds to NY HARBOR- all in record time- all never done before.. he then did the same for California, etc. But what you MUST REMEMBER , PLEASE REMEMBER- that YES, our President made some mistakes, but none were deliberate… our President also saved countless lives with his swift actions… but what I want everyone to NEVER FORGET- while the President was trying to help fight this unwanted, uninvited tragic mistake of carelessness from CHINA- not immediately notifying the world of their mistakes that let the CORONAVIRUS OUT- the entire time PRESIDENT TRUMP AND ALL THE MEDICAL, SCIENTIFIC PERSONNEL HELPING FIGHT THIS VIRUS- the DEMOCRATS SPENT ALL THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS TRYING TO IMPEACH OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT BY PHONY, FAKE, FABRICATED, means even illegal means … devoting NO TIME TOWARDS HELPING FIGHT THE CORONAVIRUS THAT WAS KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD- they CHOSE THEIR OWN SELFISH DESIRES OVER THE SAFETY AND SURVIVAL OF AMERICAN CITIZENS! DON’T FORGET THIS!
    Vote for the FACTS, the TRUTH, the person who cares about every citizen and the person that puts our safety and security and well being above all their own…. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE ONLY CHOICE… COMMON SENSE MUST PREVAIL OVER MINDLESS POLITICALLY MOTIVATED RHETORIC. Please don’t be swayed by the relentless attempt by democrats to discredit and hurt our President and our great nation. The best is yet to come! Vote PRESIDENT TRUMP AND VOTE REPUBLICAN ACROSS THE BOARD…. thank you.❤️REPLY
    1. Vladsays:LOVE IT DC. Wish we were next door neighbors. Your passion is refreshing my friendREPLY
  34. Franksays:Expose all of the corruption in Washington once and for all. These scum bags need to go including that witch Nancy Pelosi see should burn on the stake like all the witches did in SalemREPLY
  35. Raymond McConnellsays:The crimes go even deeper, Think about this; Why do so many left and some right stall all this information. Because; their part of it. The Rhinos on the right are taking also. Do you think they would just stand by and let the left take from the cooky jar? Pre3sident Trump and Barr, please open Pandoors box and let out the stink!!!! So many of us are wondering why they’re not being brought forward. If we did something illegal we would be in prison. It is time to flush the toilet. God is on our side.REPLY
  36. Keith Wiesersays:What is most alarming is the DNC-media-social media suppression. Not to mention the laptop was notified to the FBI in 2019 and no information was provided by the DOJ or FBI to validate the authenticity and help shut down the scam impeachment. Classic diversion tactic of dems, what they accuse they doing. The fact that NY post that is subject to liable have been suppressed and no further vetting BU other media or FBI rather its being suppressed. Gues if by some chance Biden wins he gets away with this scot free. A special counsel needs to be appointed ASAP so if this is proven and validated then the dems will have same mess Trump had, whole Biden gets removed by 25th amendment and Harris is the real candidate. It’s so shameful. Biggest scandal in American history and most of the media is standing by and helping suppress. We need a Trump win hold senate and start holding people to account.REPLY
    1. Lee Gravessays:I have said for more than a year now that IF Biden is elected he will never be sworn in as president. He will be declared incompetent and Harris will then be sworn in as president. Pelosi will then be installed as Vice President. Then — ‘KATTIE BAR THE DOOR!’ This revelation explains almost everything that occurred including the orchestrated and finely choreographed pro forma impeachment. Everyone knew that the Clintons were as crooked as a dog’s hind leg — this explains how deep and wide the conspiracy permeated the Obama administration, who, by the way, HAD to be involved as well, since it was he who nominated crooked Clinton to the post of Foreign Secretary.REPLY
    2. Billy the Kidsays:God help us if the Whore were to become CIC. A horrific thought“There are good people on both sides”…… we all know what our President meant by that statement before the left spun it into a “racist, white supremicist” comment being taken completely out of it’s true context. What I’m trying to convey here is that the Democrats don’t belong on EITHER side of that coin do they…… as, they aren’t “good people”
      Tar and feathers. I’d love to see Chucky Schumer in tar blackface in some stocks as we throw rotten tomatoes and rocks at him with a chorus line of his corruptive cohorts standing in line behind him awaiting their turn. DAMN THATS A LONG LINE OF IDIOTS!!REPLY
  37. Floyd Hardeesays:Reorganize the FCC and replace them with honest, God fearing, conservative, patriotic managers. Then inform Fake News, Huffington Post, and FB, Twitter, and Google, no more Liberal bias. No more censorship of Christians, Patriots, or Republicans. No favoritism over either Party, or lose license to operate. That means from a multibillionaire to a pauper nearly over night. Got it?REPLY
  38. Renee Santoresays:I believe the biggest threats to Democracies around the World is George Soros. Unlike Hitler who tried to rule the World with an Army, Soros is doing it with his wealth. Through his foundations he supports anarchists (BLM, Antifa etc) causing dissent among a Country’s Citizens under the guise of racism, genderism and social justice etc. This in turn destabilizes the Governments of Sovereign Countries. His intent is to take over their financial institutions, media and corrupt political leaders. His ultimate goal, to Rule the World under the guise of being a Globalist. Several Countries have tried to prosecute him, but individually were no match for his wealth and connections with corrupt leaders of many Countries. If the UN is worth the space they take up, George Soros and his family should be tried internationally for Crimes against Humanity, the rule of justice applied to Nazis. Countries around the World should siege the financial assets of all his foundations and freeze his business and family assets. Any Country giving him and his family refuge should be subjected to international trade sanctions. Like Hitler, for many years Countries turned a “blind eye” to his agenda. Giving Hitler an opportunity to build an Army and indoctrinate many with his warped racism and ideology. Placing superior value on the lives of one group over the lives of all humanity. The World must stop History from repeating itself.REPLY
  39. Steve Startzsays:Democrats are ether the:
    The stupid ie lemming followers
    The ugly ie just look at democrats they are literally the ugliest people on the planet
    The corrupt ie the politicians and big money whom have ether sold out to China , stolen from America or committed treason to cover their sins
    The elite ie have all the money so the only way to get richer is to make Americans poorer
    The evil ie Obama and fauchi produced covid gave it and millions to China to unleash on America to cover their crimes and turn America communist
    The media ie the biggest liars in the worlds history
    The satanic ie all democrats which are the vessels of the apocalypse!
    There is only one way to stop democrats!!!
    Start with the leaders and politicians
    Then the money men
    Then the media
    Then Hollywood
    Then the sports
    Once you eliminate all of the above which is likely about 10000 treasonous scum
    The head of the snake will be removed
    The rest will follow like lemmings for democrats are the scum and the afraid and the ugly
    They cannot support themselves they are obviously morons all of them , they will continue on and follow any free meal available
    When America wises up we will quit feeding the morons and they will ether go to work become Americans or die of starvation!
    Morons are the democrats so they will die of starvation
    Which is better America to kill the 10000 democrats trying to ruin America or
    Let the democrat scum ruin America
    America and Our Constitution is based on rights for all not the few against this Great Nation!
    Killing 10000 criminals to save America and giving morons the chance to become humans by casting away democrat treason and it’s narratives by becoming patriots and getting jobs is a very small price to pay both morally and realistically to save America for without America the rest of the world will collapse within days!
    Democrats are to stupid to know their policies and agendas spell nothing but hate starvation and misery!
    Patriots and hero’s unite and save this country
    1. Vkadsays:GREAT POST SS!!REPLY
  40. martysays:I am so disappointed in the FBI. All of my lifetime the FBI was the gold standard. They were respected and held in high esteem by all. I did not realize that they were part of the swamp which is more evil and deep than anyone ever imagined. They (the FBI) have had that computer since 2019 and NOTHING has come out of it. The FBI is now included among those who cover for the deep state monsters. I care not about Hunter. He is a sleaze bag that will destroy himself but Joe is a different matter. Joe needs to come out of his basement and answer for his part in this illegal operation. In past times the corrupt would be exposed and our country would move on. No more, even the media is an integral part of this cover up. BUT GOD, who is in control, can have His way in spite of all this. In God We Trust.REPLY
  41. Carolynsays:I knew I hated Obama and Biden in office they didn’t do anything for the American people for 8years except spend on date nights that cost us money. We were poor while they lined their pockets. The Clinton’s are not off the hook either.
    The Pelosi family are in on this we have to drain the swamp….REPLY
    1. James 75th Regimentsays:They did one thing for the America people, divided this country well beyond repair. Obama is a Communist and some dumb ass white folks help get the idiot in office, the only reason Obama picked Biden as VP was where he could get part of the cut.REPLY
  42. Valerie Schiffsays:Emergency broadcasting systemsREPLY
  43. Julia Ogdensays:These are the REAL reasons these DNC/Communist ‘Operators’ hate President Trump. These UN Agenda 21/2030 Goals are why there are SO MANY TRAITORS IN OUR GOVERNMENT! They support THIS:
    1) One World Government
    2) One World Cashless Currancy
    3) One World Central Bank
    4) One World Military
    5) End National Sovereignty
    6) End ALL privately owned property
    7) End of the family Unit
    8) Depopulation and control population growth and density
    9) Mandatory multiple vaccines
    10) Universal basic income (austerity)
    11) Microchipped Society for purchasing, travel, trackiing and control/Implement World Credit System (China)
    12) Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (internet of things)
    13) Government raised children
    14) Government owned schools, colleges and universities
    15) End private transportation (owning cars, etc)
    16) All businesses owned by government/corporations
    17) Restrict non-essential air travel
    18) Human beings consentrated into settlement zones
    19) End irrigation
    20) End private farms and grazing livestock
    21) End single family dwellings
    22) Restrict land use that serves human needs
    23) Ban natural drugs and homeopathic medicinesThis is why all this civil unrest and infighting is happening in America today! If not for President Trump, Crooked Hilary would already have begun the ‘enslavement’ of America, and the implementation of these New World Order Goals!
    Please share this information so Americans can understand the TRUE DANGERS of the DNC/Communist Party!
  44. Texas Tea Partiersays:Joe Biden is the Spiro T. Agnew of the Democrat Party. The ultimate gang leader was or is Barack Obama. The American people are the ones that were financially extorted. I will never forget.REPLY
  45. Robertsays:Let’s face it. It’s not only the democrats that are dishonest, but 99% of the news broadcasters. I am completely at lost with why the democrats can’t see what is going on in this country and why they go along with it. Unfortunately the schools in this country are union driven and the unions are big liberals. They are brain washing our youth and have for some time, causing them to become liberals without brains. This is what Hitler did and it worked for him as it is working for the democrats.REPLY
  46. Gary msays:Biden promises he will be the president of all the people. what he doesn’t say is he will be master of all the slaves. SocialismREPLY
  47. Gary msays:You know I been thinking about this court packing thing. It could save the country a whole lot of money. You see if the court is going to make the laws we wont need the congress. Just think we could get rid of all the congressmen, and their aids, secretaries, advisors, and other support personal. We wouldn’t need to pay for all their perks, and pet projects. Ya ! man we could save a billion dollars a year, just by eliminating congress. Congrats Schumer you come up with some really good ideas sometimes. Of course we would have to provide job training for those that need to be retrained. We could teach them how to make Big Macs, or KFC.
    The Big Macs are for Trump and the KFCs are for the cabinet.REPLY
  48. Brad Liusays:The OBAMA + CLINTON + BIDEN entities invested heavily with the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, hence CENSORSHIP. Nothing negative concerning their corruptions have materialized as all silenced. Sponsors, lobbyists, and Big Tech should not conceal the monies funneled for their depravity. The recent NY POST censorship alerted America to the underlying manipulations as to the spin concocted by MAINSTREAM MEDIA to influence its audience. Americans deserve transparency, truth, and, integrity — to evaluate, and then, decide. The freedom of choice is a God given right protected by the U.S. Constitution. Vote Trump to sanitize the Swamp and Deep State. MAGA.REPLY
  49. mike hornbakersays:To John & Will, I cant help but see the hand of God n the laptop coming forward with all of what is on it. If
    Hunter was cognizant of its contents, why go to he local computer geek for help? Overall, if all the trouble stems from what’s said in this article is true, then I see the hand of God showing he isn’t done using the USA for His purposes. BUT, if we Do get thru this intact, we can’t just forget this new chance from God.REPLY
  50. Gary msays:Socialism, Slavery, Marxism, Maoism, Unism, Stalinism, Hitlerism, Putlinism, Xiism, Bidenism, Harrisism, Obamaism, Castroism, Maduraism, are all the same thing, they are,SOCIALISM
    Big Bother owned by YOUIf you want to be a slave, you may register at your local PSP ( AKA DNC ) Headquarters, after you turn in your guns all that don’t apply for slavery will be shot, with your own gun…………….PSP = Putin Socialist Party.;REPLY
  51. Tommiesays:This “China Virus” was well planned….. But, something went wrong…. Just connect the dots…. AND all who just may(?) be involved….REPLY
  52. IrishEyes2Csays:Are you now understanding what was going on? All roads lead back to Obama and Biden. We now know that Biden lied about not having anything to do with what happened to Michael Flynn. General Flynn was getting ready to expose the Obama administration corruption in the Ukraine, Russia and Iran. They needed to stop him before he went to Trump. All the top management in the FBI ALL need to lose their jobs. It’s not just Chris Wray, it’s all of the upper management. They’re protecting the political establishment, both democrat and republican, it’s sickening to think they had the evidence that would have clear Trump from the impeachment fiasco. Wray and the rest of these dirtbags allowed the House to play this impeachment fiasco out, wasted everyone’s time and taxpayers funds, to protect a member of the political establishment and his scumbag son, who were the “real” culprits. Especially when they knew it would NEVER pass in the Senate? It’s the futility of hate from the political establishment. Let’s not bring up Joe Biden’s role in what is happening to General Michael Flynn. You all know that Biden lied about that as there are notes and comments that he made that were recorded. But the media won’t do their jobs on that either. Everything came from Obama, he’s deep into this “plot” to destroy Michael Flynn, who was getting ready to be a whistleblower against the Obama administration. I bet he knows all about the Biden’s overseas activities. Does it all start to make sense now, as we piece these things together?REPLY
    1. Gary msays:Started before little O and crooked B, go back to willy Billy. O & B just picked up the ball and ran with it. Remember that Billy bobblehead gave a billion dollars to NK, so that they could continue their nuke program.
      Then little O gave 150 Billion to Iran so that they could kill US soldiers, and continue their nuke program. Yes we have had some really bad presidents, and the Demonicrats want to give us some more.REPLY
  54. martin williamssays:if truth was known probably most of the republican congressman that retired and didn’t run for office in 2018 giving control of the house to Nancy and the demo rats were or are also involved somehow in some of the corruption any other reason that Paul Ryan and them other Rino’s would leave and not try and help our President drain the swamp it was because they were part of it or were aware of all and was scared they might themselves be exposedREPLY
  55. Wondering Womansays:AMEN.
    “One America News, which has had a copy of Hunter’s hard drive for the past two weeks, discovered the phone call and released it. Here’s what Joe Biden said to President Poroshenko just two weeks after Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory:
    “This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he’s about to buy on to a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looking to pour more money into Ukraine. That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail.”
    Translation: “The Big Guy” Joe Biden was ordering the president of a foreign country to get his financial ducks in a row as quickly as possible. Biden was telling Poroshenko to get everything lined up with the IMF and finalize getting a central banking system installed in Ukraine. (Ukraine was a financial mess after George Soros and the CIA under Obama staged the coup there that installed Poroshenko in the first place.)”]Is anyone surprised the CIA is also implicated in Hunter’s laptop revelations? It appears that all of the corruption in the federal government leads right back to the CIA, which a former CIA agent identified as the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government. Reading this entire article, looks like Mitt Romney & SOS John Kerry also have a connection to this “pay for play” scheme of the Biden’s. No telling how many more of the deep state establishment & new world order puppet INSIDERS & congressional members are also involved.
    There definitely is much more than partisanship involved. Criminal extortion, sedition, TREASON, and crimes against humanity & all of the ones involved in it have been working hard with their INTERNAL COUP to take Trump down before he could investigate their activity. Their still ongoing COUP has failed & now the new world order & deep state establishment INSIDERS are really desperate to regain control over their last holdout against them.
    We can expect domestic & foreign sleeper cell terrorists,, no matter who wins this election. If Biden wins (God Forbid) we will have more of the same, only worse & immediately after, of their “peaceful protests” approved by and egged on by a majority of demonicRAT congressional members in Washington, DC, as well as state level mayors, governors, state legislators, & crooked A G’s. If Trump wins, we can also expect the worst domestic & foreign terrorist attacks they can muster to try to finish destroying our nation, because the new world order & all its INSIDERS will know their indictments, arrests, detainment & prosecutions will follow immediately. Some states are saying they are calling out National Guard as a precaution. Those national guard troops will likely be deployed to the larger cities, The ones deploying these “peaceful protesters” are going to send their thugs to urban areas where they can do the most damage away from sites where they are likely to be taken out immediately.
    Folks, make sure you are all locked & loaded & ready to defend yourselves and your community before going to bed Nov. 3rd.REPLY
  56. Bemused Berserkersays:It’s interesting that the Democrats are the ones threatening Civil War in the event of President Trump’ reelection. Although I’ve no doubt about rabid elements of the Left being a concern in such a war, overall the Democrats would lose, just like they lost in the last Civil War that they instigated.
    Should it come about, there are a number of Democrat leaders that should be arrested, charged with Treason, Tried and Executed when (not if but when) they’re found Guilty of Treason and Insurrection. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Clinton and a whole host of others. Armed Rebelling Insurrectionists should be given No Quarter.
    If they want to play this game, then We the People get to make the rules it will be played by. In the face of Treason, Insurrection and Leftist Tyranny, the Law be damned, it will be stamped out hard, with no mercy, enough that it’ll be another 150 years before they poke their heads out from underneath their rock.REPLY
  57. Marsha Smithsays:Jose,
    Now it all makes sense.
    I first read about The Laptop about 2 weeks ago. I knew then that Joe / Hunter should wind up in front of a firing squad.
    But, I did not know until today that this huuuuge SCANDAL involved so many democrat BIG DOGS who, also, should wind up in front of a firing squad.
    The Democratic mindset of sheer idiocy. corruption. and lies and wanting, at ANY COST, to get rid of President Trump; IT MAKES SENSE.
    No wonder Hillary and the rest of the democrats refused to accept Trump’s victory in 2016. Losing the election is not their problem; THE LAPTOP (getting found out) IS their problem.
    Treason is resolved one way: through EXECUTION !!
    How thankful I am that I have been praying for our nation, our President/Vice-President, for all of our sane leaders (who appear to be only Republicans).
  58. Glenn A Taylorsays:That’s the democrats play book of getting rich passing laws to give money to foreign governments, and then get the countries to send some back to line there families pockets.DEMOCRATS ARE SELLING AMERICA(TREASON)REPLY
  59. Annsays:I see delusion along with Evil, I really don’t see how anyone in their right mind would go along with their campaign.
    Also @johnandrewrobb, I say right on!REPLY
  60. Joe Kosiorsays:This is no joke. We must see to it that these people are dealt with. We’ve been living so long under the guise that our government was honest and would take care of America before all else but we see now how wrong we were. Not all but a great number of politicians have sold us out. Some of you may like some of these people and don’t really want to do what should be done but selling out this country isn’t something that can be swept under the rug. When I think of all the people in politics that have been trying to stop everything Trump does I start to realize how deep this goes. This election means everything to these people because they know it’s over and many of them will be going to jail. This has to end.REPLY
  61. Dorothy Fostersays:Absolutely !! The entire bunch…PRISON !!!REPLY
  62. Terry Knezsays:Well what worries me is Fraud. They need and want Biden in that so they can get Harris as President! I am concerned over the Fraud just to get them in office. They will do anything. We are seeing that with Big Tech. Wall Street Money. They started about a year ago, I believe, censoring End of Age a Christian Station I watch. End of Age mentions that there.REPLY
  63. Rosesays:Obama was in on this up to his eyeballs. A lot of the money laundering was done during his administration. Joe Biden doesn’t have the intellect to have masterminded this corrupt family scheme. Now we know how Obama got so rich.REPLY