Black trans prostitute shot in Philadelphia

Anti-Gun DA Counselor Shoots Black Trans Prostitute during BLM Riot in the Most 2020 Story Ever

It’s hard to even know where to start with this story. Philadelphia is in the news a lot this week, thanks to Black Lives Matter kicking Donald Trump’s reelection campaign into high gear. This story also ties directly into one of Joe Biden’s signature campaign issues: The “skyrocketing” murders of black transgender “women,” i.e. black men who like to wear prom dresses and who have poor job prospects. But oddly enough, the media doesn’t want to touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Also… this is not a family-friendly story, just to warn you up front.

The latest ruckus in Philadelphia started after police failed to follow Joe Biden’s police reform advice. When a dangerous criminal with a mile-long rap sheet attacked police with a knife, they didn’t shoot the guy in the leg as Joe Biden will order police to do if he wins the election next week. They killed him. The latest BLM martyr pled guilty to a home invasion robbery in 2017 in which he kicked down a woman’s door and held a gun to her head. He was already out of jail in 2020. In fact, he was awaiting his next trial for threatening to shoot a woman when he had his fatal encounter with the Philly PD.

Why wasn’t this guy in prison? Because of the Philadelphia District Attorney. Larry Krasner is the DA in Philadelphia because George Soros poured tons of cash into his campaign coffers to help him get elected. And like many Soros-backed DAs across the country, Larry Krasner springs criminals out of jail as often as he can, and only fights for minimal sentences for serious violent crimes.

Thanks to the BLM summer of love that Joe Biden’s voters have put the country through, Philadelphia just had its 400th black-on-black murder for the year. Homicides are up 42% in Philly this year under DA Larry Krasner’s catch-and-release policies.

You might think that while Philadelphia is in a state of siege with BLM rioters injuring more than 30 cops and looting scores of stores that it would be “all hands on deck” at the District Attorney’s office. But you’d be wrong.

One of Krasner’s employees is a man named Devonte’ Douglass. Mr. Douglass is the city of Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Counselor. He provides counseling services to family members who lose their loved ones due to DA Larry Krasner’s policies. 2020 has been a busy year for Douglass.

However, Mr. Douglass was not at his desk doing his job on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Instead, while on the clock for the Philadelphia taxpayers, Devonte’ Douglass picked up a black transgender prostitute, drove to a local cemetery and paid the man $500 for a weird sex act in the back of a Dodge Durango with the windows rolled down. (We warned you this wasn’t a family friendly story. Plus, it doesn’t sound like they were wearing masks or social distancing properly.)

After their cash-for-services transaction, the black trans “woman” pulled out a .357 and demanded more money from the city’s Gun Violence Counselor. The male prostitute then put the gun away and started to walk around the front of the vehicle. That’s when the city’s very liberal, very anti-Second Amendment Gun Violence Counselor allegedly pulled out his Glock and plugged his date twice in the chest.

Even though he allegedly killed his date while the black trans “woman” was not pointing a gun at him, Devonte’ Douglass has not been charged with a crime. Philadelphia police note that this is not the first time that Devonte’ Douglass has picked up transgender prostitutes for weird sex acts in the back of a Dodge Durango in a local cemetery while he’s on the taxpayers’ dime. Even more strange is the fact that the local media in Philadelphia has imposed a total blackout on this story.

Hey, wait a minute, media dorks! We’ve been told all year long that we’re not supposed to “erase” trans women of color and that the murder of black trans people is the most serious civil rights issue of our time! Just this past weekend, Joe Biden noted the horror that 17 black trans “women” have been murdered in 2020. Shouldn’t Joe be updating that number to 18, now that Devonte’ Douglass allegedly killed his date during a BLM riot?

One reporter in Philadelphia noted that the press is not covering this story because it would be cruel to “out” Devonte’ Douglass as a gay man, especially since the nature of his relationship with the black trans “woman” is unclear. Huh? Setting that aside, what about cruelty toward the person who is dead as a result of the Gun Violence Counselor’s alleged gunplay?

Black Lives Matter is destroying the city of Philadelphia right now because a career criminal was shot dead while attacking the police with a knife. But when a Soros-backed prosecutor’s employee shoots a black transgender male prostitute to death (allegedly), that black life suddenly doesn’t matter? And the 400 previous black-on-black murder victims in Philadelphia this year don’t matter either?

These rules are about as convoluted as Twitter’s “Terms of Service.” Could we get some clarification on which black lives matter, and under what circumstances those black lives matter? Because it’s sure starting to look like the only time when black lives actually matter is when it’s politically convenient for the Democrats.