Joe Biden called young Black men “super predators

Kurt,  My name is Alveda King, niece of the Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King. I am truly a child of the civil rights movement, and I want to tell you about my goddaughter and prayer partner, Angela Stanton King. Angela is a powerful woman, a Christian, and a Republican running for Congress to replace the late John Lewis. I can think if no better way to honor his memory and the work he did for our nation, than to elect Angela to replace him. Angela will show the liberals in Washington what a Black Republican can really do, and she will make one of her priorities, the repealing Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill – a bill that has been used to imprison more people of color than I can count.

Back then, Joe Biden called young Black men “super predators.” Of course, now, Joe Biden can’t say the name “George Floyd” enough, but President Trump, Angela and I, are not fooled. Black America deserves better than to be duped by Joe Biden. If you agree, then please chip in $50 to Angela’s campaign today! Republicans stand for freedom and opportunity for everyone, so Americans of all races can go as far as their dreams and determination will take them. John Lewis understood the importance of ensuring all of us have the right to enjoy the American Dream, and so does Angela. If we are going to lift all Americans and end the racist policies put in place by Joe Biden, we need to work together and change the culture. Your donation of just $500, $100, or just $50 could be the deciding factor for this Angela’s campaign. Please help us make history in November. Yours in love and service to our nation,
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