Rush Limbaugh Sends Final Request Before Election: Vote Trump

( – On October 19, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed his lung cancer is terminal and progressing. The beloved commentator is still hosting his show, though. Now, he’s asking the American people to do something for him and the country.

On October 26, before the Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Limbaugh posted a video on Twitter from his home library. He told his viewers they “don’t have a choice in this election.” He told them Donald Trump has to be the winner.

The conservative host explained this is a new America where Democrats no longer have the same concern for the country. They want to “erase the Constitution” and make the government more powerful than the citizenry. Limbaugh is right when he claims that the Left wants to expand government; Joe Biden is running on a platform that does just that.